I am a Shriner that got tired of having a hot, sweaty head after a parade or cermonial. There had to be something that could be done to help reduce the heat trapped inside the fez. A very quick look at our fezzes showed that they had small vent holes in the top.

The designers of the support liner for the fez knew this. They placed the liner holes so they would line up with fez vents. We just needed to find a way to assist with the air flow.

There were 2 main obstacles to overcome: noise and mounting. The noise was easy to remedy.  We just bought a fan designed to be quiet. The problem of how to mount the fan went through several attempts. A very crude strapping system was tried for a while. This worked but was not user friendly. This finally lead to the current design.

There have been many people that have lent their comments ( and complaints ) about the previous designs. Since customer service is key to a successful business, these improvements have been incorporated as much as possible.

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